55% winrate Diamond 3. (298W 244L). 14 LP for a win, - 20lp for a lose?!?!

Hello! This is my first post ever on a forum. I'm really confused why i'm only getting around 14-16 lp when I win a game and I lose around 20 lp when i lose a game. As i said in the title my winrate is quite good and i don't really get why i'm only gaining so few points of lp. In my last 10 games i won 6 and lost 4. Does anyone have a clue why i'm gaining so little lp and losing so much? If I check my mmr on op.gg it says it's i'm at the average mmr for the rank i'm in. I used to duoQ with a friend who was platinum. And i know that's not good for your mmr (atleast i think so) but i don't think that's the reason why i'm not gaining a lot of lp since op.gg doesn't say my mmr is low. P.s you are welcome to correct my grammar. Thx for your help! {{item:3070}} Help plz {{item:3070}} I really need some {{summoner:13}} Get it? Clarity??... I'll show myself out.
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