Tips for a beginner jungler.

I am starting to play jungle a lot and I am enjoying this role more and more. After I tried a lot of champions I decided to stick with Shaco because I play decently with him and I really like his playstyle. However, the more I play the more I realize I have issues dealing with invading and counterjungling. I almost never steal my enemy camps (unless they die) and I simply try not to die while getting invaded without trying to abuse the situation by farming something else. I don't die because Shaco is really safe thanks to his Q, but I still lose a lot of farm and get behind. This is even worse when they decide to camp my jungle and I simply don't know how to deal with them. People like Udyr or other annoying 1v1 champions are a nightmare to deal with for me. Some of you jungle mains can give me some tips? If Shaco is banned I usually play Xin, Jax or Jarvan.

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