When Morgana hits you with a Binding.

She brings out her kitchen, and starts making cookies in front of your face and then forcefully feeds them to you, until the whole binding area is filled with cookies. And When the last seconds goes away, you dies from overeaten. Better. When hit by Morgana Binding, you can walk to the bathroom, bath, brush teeth, take care of your hair and read a book, and when you get out you will notice that the Binding as been re-put on you while the Morgana player is dancing with Teemo mushrooms all around you and you been put down on 1 hp. If you die, you will get permanent banned for afk and intentionally feeding. Oh also Aliens will find you too examine your extreme cursing behavior after the game and you will end up in a real life alien Binding where you get tortured to death. Edit: If you can tell, I want that Morgana rework asap.

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