Hows your start of the season? :) :) :)

Very first game of the season, 4 inters. 0/7 mid, if she went afk after first blood. I actually would have been able to carry rest of those extra chromosome endowed teammates to victory... And the worst part? I flamed them, hard... Now I feel like a twat for doing so, but if I didn't vent on them and let that anger fester in me I would have actually %%%%ing neck myself before the game was over. I looked forward to finally trying to climb to see at which elo I truly belong. But after that game I just lost the will to play LoL at all... Especially since I probably get perm banned for being toxic. Ended last season without rewards btw because of that very reason. I just don't get it... I don't have any anger issues irl and after the bad game is over I just shake it off. But during the gameplay I just cant %%%%ing cope with inters and idiots on my team, they trigger me so easily sometimes I confuse myself for sjw clansmen. Why should I let myself suffer if they are the ones ruining the game? Why should I keep my justified anger inside and let it consume me? After all they can just mute me, while I cant just mute their inting from my game...
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