Are Riot feeling threatened by Overwatch?

Is that the real reason that Draft Mode is being removed? Because Riot feel threatened by popular games like Overwatch? Overwatch does not have a draft mode in it, and ranked is slightly different from League so maybe its Riot's intention to remove bans completely, rather then giving people more bans to counter stupidly designed champions (I.E. {{champion:157}} ). Does Riot intend to allow you to change champion mid-game in Blind Pick like Overwatch does? Are you intent on copying Blizzard's success Riot because its losing you players with your own stupidity. Don't reinvent the wheel... League is totally different and your incompetent designers PROVE that we need more bans, not less in normal modes. What happened to the 10 bans that were rumored to be coming with this season, is that only available for people who play ranked. Because that is NOT going to go down well.
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