Why does (almost) everyone hate playing support?

This has always been a weird thing to me, that people just hate and refuse to play support. Personally I love buffing my team and keeping everyone alive all at once. Do people just find it a boring roll to play? I think it's more because people find support difficult to play. What do you guys/girls think? Just wanted to hear what everyone's opinion is on this topic. **Edit:** Okay, so if people who only play carry roles or top lane just because they think support is more useless than any other lane. Even though a good support can keep all their carries alive, which leads to a **won fight = a won game** It's called peeling, something most non-support players don't understand. It's the reason why most fights are won is **because of the support.** Example, how would you have done anything at all if your support didn't cc and exhaust the Zed? Or kept healing/shielding you to keep you alive? Seriously.

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