Why did I only get an A+?

im trying to get mastery 7 here with wukong, and need another S. I went 22 - 3 last game and only received an A+. this is ridiculous. some guy said its because i dont have enough farm, but i dont really see the need to farm minions when i can just farm kills. and my gold pretty evidently shows that im like 4000 - 5000 ahead of EVERYONE else, so that "not enough farm" argument doesnt work. i also dealt tons of damage to both enemy champions and objectives. i roamed the map all the time to help teammates, especially my trynd at top who got demolished by nunu. i also got babysit in mid all early game, and still went 6 - 0 in lane. what is it that i need to do to get that S? I mean its not even an S-, and especially not an S+. those calculations are so fricking wrong. https://koyaanis.com/i/1520160324098.png https://koyaanis.com/i/1520160622114.png https://koyaanis.com/i/1520160609721.png here are 2 games where i went 25 - 9 and did receive an S. its just beacuse i had a little bit more farm. but that more farm didnt mean i had more gold. the extra gold/damage that i had in those 2 games were not as significant as the match shown above, in which i definitely should have gotten an S. its beyond me https://koyaanis.com/i/1520160890618.png
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