Are there really people thinking Lee Sin is fine ?

I don't know. This champion has been uber as far as I can remember. I'm not a big fan of pro play but I can't remember watching a single esport event in which Lee Sin isn't in the top 3 most picked jungler, in solo queue it's even worse, at level 3 1vs1 as soon as he lands a Q on someone he's almost guaranteed to kill unless they got something to bump him during reactivation, it gets even worse when he gets his ult. He's mobile, insanely durable, and despite the popular belief that he's useless lategame he still can one shot a carry or peel for his backline at any stage of the game. It's a stupid autowin champ as soon as you know what you're doing and it has been like that for literal years. Level 2 scutle meta tamed him down a bit but he was still a beast even then and now that he's back at the top of the meta (where he sat for YEARS) it's unbearable again. They released tons of "playmaker" champ now so can they, finally, bring Lee Sin to a regular / normal level of power ? I've already stopped playing for months only because I was tired to see this abomination either picked or ban at every game and I wish I won't have to stop again.
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