What is for you a successful champion?

So what is a successful champion? I Do not mean on how many people play i mean like what do you feel like is a really well made champion? I want to know more peoples opinions. For me is when they game play reflect their character here are few examples: Jhin he is super successful for me cause of they way you play like a performer , first you setup your stage ( place E around you :) ) and then the shows begins u run away around your traps and let enemies follow you ( feels like a play a dance ) I really love that in champions . With this strategy Jhin is super powerful . An un successful champion although she is my main my favourite , all though i do not think she is what she is suppose to be is shyvana. She is a half dragon that means she should be weaker in human form , but once she hits her ultimate she should be fast super hard to kill and deal tons of dmg like dragons are!! DRagons should be super powerful yet all her ultimate does is add more AOE effect , it does not make her feel like she is a dragon a more powerful being after hitting that R. Now then tell me what do you guys think is a successfull champion? :) Also if by any chance a champion creator comes here , I do not mean its a bad champions , its design is bad , but simply i do not feel like what its theme gives about it .
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