Is it viable to climb as support?

Hi guys, So, I'm a top main with Garen/Pantheon - This has been working okay for me - climbed from Iron IV to Bronze IV in a few days. However, the other day I got support in a ranked game and it was some of the best fun I've had in League. I love the role but my issue is that teams tend to disregard the support. My first game as Sona, I kept total vision control, made picks for the team with my ult and the team just worked really well together. Second game as Soraka (Sona picked against me) - we won lane, our Jax jungle got way ahead but the opposing team were just stronger. I kept calling for Jax to split while we held the enemies at mid - I had the sustain to keep my team fighting for ages as long as we didn't full engage. They had a fed Twitch who would just hand back and shred our team in fights. As a support however, the team just disregarded my calls. Jax jumped head first into their team - Yasuo did the same, and I think we had a Vlad that went 0/8 and yet built full damage. Herein lies my issue. I feel that I understand how to achieve the victory requirements in a game, If I play Panth/Garen I can achieve those goals myself i.e turrets/picks/rift herald/deep wards etc. As support, despite how much I enjoy the role, I'm not sure I can influence the game enough to ensure a victory, especially, when most players consider supports to be some kind of sub-category of player. This brings me back to my original question, I'd love to main Sona along with Panth/Garen, but would I be hamstringing myself by playing support if it's not absolutely necessary i.e auto-filled?
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