Follow or not to follow? Bronze mentality?

OK i fancy maining mid this season doing poorly but scraped into silver. Now thats out the way. If you are in lane and have frozen lane outside your turret and your laner goes to gank bot. Do you follow? My mentality is if the bot lane is clearly warded and i have pinged and told them they are coming. What is the point in me leaving lane when they cant possibly get a kill if bot lane simply open there eyes and ears and realise they have over pushed. I lose out on farm and potentially start a fight we dont really want yet Am I wrong? honest question as I think its clear as day you should get back. IF ther is a fight bot and my laner goes to join of course im following and will do every time. Not gonna leave them hanging. The numebr of times bot lane ignore me carry on farming and pushign and then end up in a 3v2 and die its enough to make me think its me that is wrong. They die and say noob mid why not follow
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