Petition for Maokai buff or change revert

Hi, guys! So the new patch is here and I tried Maokai... What on is this? It is literally worse than any job Riot ever done. That is the small version. I'll start with good stuff. The really good stuff. E - Sapling toss is awesome as main ability instead of Q - Arcane Smash. E travel time is great Q - Bramble Smash is awesome Disrupts the enemy so hard I can't even compare to any other skill. R - Nature's Grasp is a phenomenal concept Passive is ok. It does its job just right. Now the bad parts: - E no longer deals Area damage on landing. You are depended on the stupidest pet AI that I've ever seen. - W low range and painful travel time for 1 sec root? rly? I rather have a long range even slower W that slows for 50% for 2 sec. or just skip the root and let me Q my target in the face fast. Like a mini Lee Q-R combo. - R travel time is painfully slow... Is is an engage? A disengage? If it is a disengage why is it stop after first champion hit which will be a tank? Why is this have such a high cooldown if Vengeful Maelstrom (old R) had 60/50/40 CD? The whole ultimate makers no sense. In a game where you try to "answer" lightning fast engages you supposed to use... that? I don't think this is by any means meant to be the final version of the champion. The sluggish useage and the worthlessness remind me of old Sion as AD. Thank you for reading! Pop one up if you agree and click on the "agreement lvl" in the poll!
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