Things on Jhin's Splash Art/ingame model/teaser that are heavily disturbing me. Like...seriously.

That may be a minor issue for the most people but since I recognized it, it's...annoying? Disturbing? IMPERFECT? *-Jhin mains gasping in the background-* Let's first look at Jhin's teaser ( if you wanna see it yourself) Let's look closely into his eye. What colour does it have? Brown. Now let's go to his splash art notice something? Right, red eyes. But wait! We aren't finished yet! Now, look at his ingame model! What, you don't see anything? Let him laugh, zoom in. What is that? Blue eyes? How does he do that? _____________________________ If you think we're finished here, if you think "yeah well ok, they did some minor mistake with his eye colour, I barely see his eyes colour ingame anyways, who cares?" Then...WAIT, THERE'S EVEN MORE! Did you notice that his mask only shows one eye? That magical colour-changing eye **on his left**. Yeah, and you obviously also noticed his **right** arm being mechanical, yes?. Now. Look at his splash art again. Keep in your mind, we're looking at him through a mirror. So you can see his eye on the same side as his mechanical arm?! His **right** eye?! But wait, didn't we say, we can only see *one* eye through his mask and in his ingame model it's his **left** eye? Let's look again _________________________________ Pls Riot, you created such an awesome champion, his whole lore/kit/personality fit perfectly together. He's a fcking champion **OBSESSED** with perfection. And then...this happens. Why, Rito, why?
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