Dynamic queue since it was introduced.

As a primarily midlaner, I've had the pleasure of playing in that lane less than 10 times and Riot can verify that if they want to. I mainly go for Mid/Supp split on dynamic queue and the chances of me getting mid lane are slim to none. With around 100 games in ranked so far, only managed to score mid a handful of times. I don't mind playing supp but it's not my strongest lane. I've always revolved around mid. I don't think this queue system is fair to people who prefer certain roles that they can't seem to get in certain combinations. I've noticed the chances of me getting mid are higher if I pick Mid/Top split but I dare not role the dice in ranked and pay the price. Is it possible for dynamic queue to prompt a player when they find a match but not their first pick role and notify them? Like for example "Match found. Role Support" and then give them the option to skip or accept. I know we can ask to swap roles in champ select but not everyone is going to wanna play supp and or other roles for that matter.
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