South African server

Riot my self and a lot of other south African players enjoy playing the game on the eu west server as it has the lowest ms for us how ever we do encounter major issues in game form time to time and there are more then enough South African players as well as players form areas closer to us that do not have a server that we could use hence our opponents having an unfair advantage with us being at a constant 250ms and any one we face with in the eu region having a ms of only 30 is a big advantage aside form that we have lag spikes i thing the worst i have had was a ms of 20k pretty bad right ? and i am sure you would agree that it makes the game completely unbalanced making games completely one sided based on who has a better connection to the server all so causing players in the region an unfair disadvantage if they have a south African player on there team so could riot possibly look in to creating a server with in the South African region as away of resolving all the above mentioned issues i am sure that other summoners will leave there comments and thoughts on the subject as well as any issues i may of missed thanks again
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