My arguments: -crucial exp difference -exp difference leads to more lethality dmg -with the s10 changes, choke points/open space which is bad for botlane (earth, fire) -less vision control (wind, water, fire) -assassins got a overall buff, with the items and the 3rd fire they have more wave clear near mid game, which means that we return at the release of jg items meta where powerfarming was a thing, in s10 if a assassin is behind, they can farm up to be useful again and roam more -assassins less punished for wave clear if roamed with the new items -earlier dives if given more exp in the jungle for lvl 3/6, which we wanted to avoid with the new tower plates -champion that utalize terrain are also buffed: Camille, Talon or Qiyana... -assassins and junglers like Karthus and Zed will be op with the new infernal dragon, bad for everybody tbh -alcoves also changes bot: ~~1~~ 3 bushes instead of 2, which is a nerf for bot, for top too but not so much ~~2~~ more gank paths open, nerf to immobile champs ~~3 ~~ if alcoves get abused for camping, mobile champs become meta, meaning that either they get nerfed or smth or the immobile get buffed ~~4~~ better for duo q Bump to save bot lane, and ik that assassin mains will just downvote this to oblivion because its their only chance to climb and abuse busted stuff so sure I wont stop fighting for a change, even if they care or dont/read or not
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