What am I supposed to do when playing agaisnt Illaoi?

I'm just 100% out of ideas. How, just _how_ am I supposed to play against this champion? Last game, when she was _not_ fed (to be more precise, she was 1/1/0 at that point) she managed to 1v2 me (playing Riven) and Zac without a turret. Neither me nor zac missed anything, and she did not have time to set up tentacles as it was in the jungle. All she had was her ult and her utterly %%%%%%ed E (which, by the way, took half my health back when she was still 0/1/0, wheter I chose to fight her so it was gone earlier, or run and then dodge the slams, and which hit me a few times where I thought it just _had_ to have curved around the minions to hit me). Later on in the game, teamfight. Guess what happens? Fight breaks out, she uses one W, _boom_ half my health bar gone. And no time to dodge tentacles either if she ults and there's two million things to watch out for (like the Syndra that might ult any moment). Just, is there _anyone_ out there that can give me good advice? Because the only thing that seems to be left, if you ask me, is to just perma-ban her, but on the other hand she isn't picked quite enough to justify that.
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