My (not so) little rant about the state of the game

Note: You don't have to take this as a fact that CAN NOT be overturned. Quite the opposite, I'm open to other people's PoV So, after a while I finally came around to play League again. Hohnestly, I was just... shocked... Masteries, I'm not complaining, the keystone stuff is fair and all, but seriously, I can barely see any diversity. 3 or 2 thunderlord's still in most games even after a nerf. Tanks not even being able to tank, dying (sometimes not even doing this) right after getting off any major cc they have. I have a feeling it's good that I haven't went against Illaoi yet. Barely any mages seen, everywhere I look, just AD or hard tanks like Leona, bruisers like Vi and Jax (if he isn't banned), and overall just champions with damage I can't comprehend. Dunno, maybe it's just them being ahead of me because of myself or some teammates, but really, am I missing something? Was there, like, some massive ratio change recently? If I could suggest some stuff, maybe add more efectivity to CC? Make the assasins fear getting dived or stunned, because I barely see myself or others managing to make much impact with said. Just damage, damage and damage. In my games I managed to get quite a few perfectly landed Amumu and Wukong ults and nothing. Either I or my teammates did something wrong, or stuns are nowhere near what they're supposed to do, make a window for your team to turn the tide of battle. I play with 3k hp on amumu for instance along with a decent Ar/Mr part. Manage to engage the enemy team in a teamfight and after a ult and a few spells I get gray screened. What is this? Tanks apparantly don't do anything anymore. Maybe I'm expecting too much from a tank role, but really, to die in a few seconds with your team following? Sorry, but I don't see the big picture here. New AD item coming up? Oh goodie. I wonder how much Riot is going to put in to balance this for other roles... I realise the game will never be balanced, as if it was the game would have to be a finished produc, but since it's constantly updated, that won't be the case... For now, I guess I'll just look for the champions that have the highest damage ratios and lear their positioning... **_TL;DR- rant rant rant_**
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