Playing against assassins

Well, when Riot did the assassin rework they said: "We want to create a window to respond to the assassins damage". So I'm waiting for that window because now they are even more broken than before... Some examples: Rengar - Press R get a 100% crit chance on next leap auto attack + dusckblade + all armor pen is literally 1 shot. U have no chance to react. Zed - R + aa + dusckblade just wait for R mark explodes and u are dead. Now u can say to me: "If u are playing adc get a guardian angel and u should be fine". Well, that is not true because GA has like 5 min CD but assassins combo has less than 1 min... The point here is now u have no time to react to an assassin... In my opinion, just kata is balanced because all her combo is around daggers, so its ez to dodge and her ult its ez to stop too. Let me know what do u think about assassins right now ^^ {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
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