Why Riven is in a "toxic" state right now

Disclamer: I am not super high elo I am around mid-high Diamond, however I played over 2000 games of Riven so I have some experience. so what I say is just my opinion. Also I apologize for my bad english. It's no secret that Riven right now is hated alot by non Riven mains and is in a very strong state since the start of this Season. As a Riven main my view is always a bit diffrent. If you ask onetricks of any champion, they will very rarely say that their champion is busted. The reason being that if you onetrick a champion you play both good and bad matchups and also lose alot. You don't get to feel the overpowerd state of that champion. That's why you see non Riven mains calling her busted, while Riven mains disagree. However I have to admit **Riven is overpowerd** right now. Altho I prefer to use the word "Toxic" instead of overpowerd. But what do I even mean by toxic? With toxic i refer to "not fun to play against" "little counterplay" "very frustrating to play vs". Just to list a few. Some people maybe wonder. Why is Riven toxic since this season and not since years? For many years we didn't hear people complaining about her so why now? what changed? Here are some of the reasons I believe she is overpowerd right now. **1. Buffed 6 Patches in a row/she lost her weakpoints** During those 6 Buffs **every single ability including base stats got buffed.** In patch 8.13 they changed the following: HEALTH REGEN : [5.5] ⇒ 7.0 health per 5 seconds + COOLDOWN : [130/95/60] ⇒ 120/90/60 seconds Both of those things used to be key weaknesses of her. Weaknesses are very important for counterplay. If these is no weakness it is toxic for the game. Her Low health Regen and High R cooldown were her 2 main weakpoints. 5.5 Isn't the lowest HP Regen in the game, however pretty much all champions with this low health regen, either had a built in heal or were ranged, meaning she had to use her E wisely. The R cooldown also wasn't alot higher than other champions, however compared to other Toplaners it was still a weakness. By Buffing her weakpoints, she suddenly becomes alot more of a problem for balancing. **2. Death's Dance** An Item which both Riven and Katarina use alot. Both S+ Tier champions. The Item itself is toxic for the game. 80AD, Ability healing and makes you really tanky against burst is a very unhealthy Item for game balance. Personally I think this Item should be nerfed if not removed **3. Conqueror** Idk what Riot was thinking when they reworked Conqueror. Riven was already strong at that point and then they make a Rune that is better on her than on any other champion. She can stack it insanely fast. **4. She beats up unexperienced players even harder** It's comparable to Master Yi or Yasuo. She is a very good "Smurf" champion since you can snowball very hard and abuse small player mistakes. Riven is made for punishing mistakes, it's basically her kit. All of these Factors make Riven very unfun to play against and make her feel hated by the non Riven main community. So how can Riven be fixed? 1. give her a weakness again. The E nerf was a step in the right direction and I am looking forward to see what the Q nerfs will do 2. Nerf Deaths Dance It actually makes Riven require alot less skilled and makes her unkillable when ahead. 3. Buff her counters. The Poppy and Renekton Buffs definetly were targeted for that. 4- Give her back her high skillcap. It's still high but not as high since she is in an Op state right now. Which automatically reduces it. At the end I wanna adress a few things that I didn't knew how to fit in this post: -I don't think her kit is overtuned especailly compared to the newer champions of Riot -Shojins is overrated af and is not a reason she is strong right now -some matchups like the jax matchup actually became alot harder after the E nerf a few patches ago. -%%%% ad neeko top lol that little **** makes me want to break my monitor I hope Riot will fix Rivens problems so that she is less banned and I actually get to play %%%%more. Oh yea and I also care about the health of the game ..... maybe Have a nice day.
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