League Eternals (yet another Forum-Thread)

I know I am late to complain, seeing how many Threads already exist on this matter. But I am still too confused about the whole concept. Weren't Mastery Emotes and Co. supposed to be things to show how much work you have put into a champ? Or how good you are with them? Do they really want to deliver the image of "Oh look he spent money to show off how much time he wasted!" ? Now don't get me wrong I **understand** that you technically still have to "earn" them through the missions. Comparable to these Battle passes. But come on guys. The battle pass only ever unlocked Cosmetics like Skins, Chromas or Icons. Those always had the ***one and only meaning*** to be bought when players thought they looked nice. Not every OTP/main has a Skin, nor does everyone want one. And you may wanna say these unlockables are to be counted among Cosmetics aswell, but honestly this is the first time ever that we had to pay for showing off our ingame-achievements. It just doesn't feel right. It's like saying you only get your ranked border after paying 5 bucks. It's something the players should be able to earn, not pay for.
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