Unplayable SONA

So my favorite champion has been nerfed to the ground and is totally unplayable. I just came back from the break and started playing LOL again with my friends. But I noticed something wrong I could perform at all the same lvl I was use to with sona. Felt like on bot lane I couldn't do anything I was slow and didn't do any dmg. I was getting super frustrated because of it. Also my friends noticed the same. After couple of days I started Google answares what have happened was is because they got rid of the frost fang extra dmg or something. But nope I found some thing even worst SONA have been nerfed to the ground! Not even little adustings or nerf to one skill or so on all of her skills and effects. Wtf is this why you wanna ruin one champion this hard so it's totally unplayable! You rito have done this to me million time I always played champion that got reworked and after that I hated them. Gp. Aatrox, poppy, sion. was all my favorite champion to play before reworks! Do you really hate me so much you always have to tuch champions I like to play! About Aatrox I am still super super mad! Riven2. 0 ruined rip old Aatrox and now sona too. Not reworked gladly! But so nerfed you can't win a single bot game!
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