Twisted Treeline Vilemaw buff colours

Since the change in the Twisted Treeline's Vilemaw I have been annoyed by the colours that the buffed minions' projectiles have. They are, in my opinion, way too white. ~~A while back Riot wrote an article about the design of the new Summoners Rift. It contained this image:~~ ~~As visible in the picture, minions their basic attacks should not have such a white colour by Riot's design standards. I can image they have this standard so that everything remains clear on the battlefield and so that I don't hurt my eyes. ~~ Now, when a team has Vilemaw and two inhibitors, there will be two waves arriving that both have Vilemaw buff. Especially the super minions are a annoyance in this case. Their projectiles are so big and have a large range, thus they draw much attention. Then there are also 10 smaller minions which makes it even worse.
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