Off role assignment in ranked needs to stop

So for the 3rd time in the last 9 games (over two day period) I was given neither my primary nor my secondary role. I usually queue as ADC and Support, but was given jungle twice, and top once. Two of those games were ranked games. How is this acceptable? After the last game, I'm triggered as ****. That's the reason for a secondary role - if there's too many that want to play primary, give me the secondary. Not put me randomly in some shit lane, which I play maybe once a month just as goof-around game with friends. Needless to say, my performance in those roles was sub-par; I did not feed, but I hardly did what that role is supposed to do. What's even more triggering, is that in the last game (was given top) I actually held the line, while mid / adc / jungle sucked ass. It's really hard to see your main role, which you were not given, get executed so poorly. Sorry for the emotions, but this shit HAS TO STOP in ranked. I would rather wait for 5 minutes in queue than experience this again. And 3/9 games is WAY TOO MUCH.
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