Your Grinding Champ For S7

[]( Hi Summoners. Remember those long nights where you gave it your all. Top lane afk again, bot lane is feeding but you persevere. Lost 2 games?.. okay time to get serious no more mr nice guy.. got your head set on, got your favourite song on loop, oh my god this mid is good. We doing early dragon, lane phase is over, team fights happening left and right, who's warding baron? GUYS ROTATE TOP! your phone flashing, its your girlfriend.. mom banging on the door! TAKE OUT THE TRASH! dog is peeing in your room.. baby sister is biting your leg.. just when the world is against you and hope is hanging on a spider thread, that only you can see when it catches the smallest... dimest.. of light. It happens, your prayers are answered as your shouting into your mic GO GO GO, teammates tp to enemy nexus, busy kiting around as he tries to deliver the last hit!! "Victory". Its season 7 now, and i wanna know, what champs are you going to grind now for those victory screens, what champ are you going to master that will help you get thru those 3 hours long promotion games. Give a champ, a reason, any reason and give a like. See you on Rift and may low ping and good frame rate forever be in your favor. Raven.
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