Evelynn Quotes, it needs something to be done.

Hello, I was dedicated Evelynn main, of course they gutted most things i liked on her (versatility) Jack of all trades, master of none etc, but even though i dislike playing her now, (comes from a 2k+ games ex eve main). If i take her for a game, i hate every single quote and character change on her. So much that i must mute the sounds, but i do miss other champions sounds, jokes, especially if i have poppy in my team (her jokes are the best..) is there any way to mute just your champion quotes? Without muting others? I really need that implemented, while league did become special snowflakes and sjw friendly game, why stop there? Cant you guys implement something like muting certain champion quotes forever? I mean some are just way out of your game "rating" you did remove graves cigar but let such things as "I only have one night stands, etc exist?" When they are repeating over and over throughout whole game, but cigar was more inappropriate? Offtopic; I know riot stopped reworking champions long time ago and instead are deleting old ones completely and releasing a new champion with same color pallet and name and that's it. but as someone has said - IF dedicated champion mains stop playing the reworked champion, its indeed a bad rework. Its not even her kit that's throwing so many mains from her - its her "slutty character" she was stalking succubus but from where they decided "lets make her slutty succubus".. WHY? Her character can work completely fine without that aspect. I do want at least some better tools in muting eve quotes.
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