What year is this??? (balance politics change)

> While Thunderlord's Decree is the go-to mastery when you're looking to dominate your lane, we're leaving it as-is for a few reasons. First, we're looking to it as a 'goalpost' from which we balance the other keystones around. It's something you can easily play around, has a good amount of impact, and synergizes well with certain champion kits. **Additionally, we're avoiding playing 'whack-a-mole' with the Keystones (ie: just nerfing whichever is best at any given moment).** By recognizing TD's strength and matching others to it, we build a better ecosystem for Keystones where you're free to adapt your builds, rather than just playing champions that abuse the best mastery. http://e.lvme.me/gpg3k75.jpg [](http://e.lvme.me/gpg3k75.jpg) I cant believe it, Riot changes their balance politics, good job im impressed after so long time and i am playing it since season 1. O.o
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