Ban New Champs in Ranked Games

Hello everyone, We all know that situation: A new champ gets released and since you don't know how to play with/or against it, you ban it. But of course there is the PBE expert in your team, who played him for 2 weeks and knows him better than anything else. But you still ban it, cause you simply don't like to have him in your team, because you are afraid of another dude who is just feeding his butt off, just because he thinks he already mastered the champ. And not only that you get flamed for banning "his" champ.. You also can't ban Yasuo (or whatever your main ban is) as always and so you have a lose-lose-situation. Long story short: What about banning new champs in ranked for let's say two weeks after their release? So everyone gets the chance to get used to it and it is more likely that people can actually are able to play it properly. Let me know how you like this idea and your experiences to this topic. Good Luck and have fun Lulu ult my Kog {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}

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