Look at balance right now

Conqueror:This thing scales like crazy on poison champs i faced this {{champion:69}} earlier im 500 stack {{champion:75}} in 20 minutes she comes and kills me 1v1 like im nothing then i get 3 MR items(hoping that i can kill her) with her conq she kills in 5 seconds 4k hp {{champion:75}} 200+ MR dies in 5 seconds by {{champion:69}} (Solution)Nerf Conq ADC issues:Im top lane player most of the time so i really feel bad for the current state of the ad carries u get one item one %%%%ing item {{item:3047}} and u are free of the enemy adc just imagine {{champion:67}} top versus {{champion:86}} the guy gets {{item:3075}} which is like 2700 or 2800 gold and tabis and u can auto attack him for 5 days still u cant do shit to him then he will run u down undertower and take down half hp with only his R(Solution)Buff ad carries riot and nerf tabis. Diana:Since her rework she oneshots everything she sees in her path man imagine u are bruiser top laner and {{champion:131}} roams oneshots u with full combo okay i understand to oneshot champs that dont get tanky but to oneshot semi tank champion u can do better than that riot.(Solution)Nerf {{champion:131}} The other thing is this {{champion:84}} drama right now yeah i hate her but why do u keep nerfing the same champ 30 patches in a row man?Why dont u look in the other champions for example {{champion:86}} ,{{champion:131}} ,{{champion:523}} ,{{champion:245}} ,{{champion:105}} ,{{champion:114}} .Akali is on the same way like Irelia,Tahm kench,lux we all know what Tahm top before the nerfs could do but this one cant do shit the guy is like running frog on drugs who doesnt know wtf is he doing on the rift. Just fix ur shit riot nerf like tabis,thornmail,nerf some ap items so the adcs wont get oneshot by every %%%%ing mage they see and stop being %%%%ing marketing company just who looks to give them new skins and keeps them broken as they are look more in the playing experience riot than just making ur money all the time.
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