So can somebody explain this matchmaking?

Having my accound currently on lvl 28, played so far quite a few games up to now and since I'm not really a new player (I did take quite a break from the game and had no idea what my old accound was) so I usually win quite often. I even often got queued up with 300+ lvl players, I know the lvl doesn't really matter since it's more the MMR counting. But just now I had a game where I got queue'd up with an obviously completly new guy to the game who propably understands absolutely NOTHING about the game except that his champion is a right click monster. A lvl 4 accound, went Yi top with ghost and exhaust. Looking up he just played the tutorials, then had a beginner botgame where he went 0/10, the next game in the records is this normal game he got thrown with me into a team. Long story short, straight up went 0/17 and then ragequitted (honestly I feel bad to say that but this game would've been winnable if we were 4v5...) So how is this a balanced matchmaking? Why is this guy getting thrown into my games like wth, this is neither fun for his teammates, for him and quite a lot of enemies don't think it's fun either if there's just a guy basicly running it down by ACCIDENT
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