Anivia is too weak.

Anivia is an okay champion. Sure she is worse than every other mid laner out there and something should seriously be done. But she is okay. The biggest problem with her though is that while she is under any sort of CC. Her ult is instantly canceled. Which is really unfair since it isn't a channel. and she cannot detonate her Q while under any cc. This means if she gets hit by any sort of cc in a trade she instantly gets beaten because two of her abilities become useless. and her W does deal damage and her E requires her other two abilities to deal damage. I was disgusted with you Riot when you decided to nerf anivia. That is honestly disgusting considering how under powered she is compared to every other mid laner. Now i am not asking for a full update. Which would be great but that's not what i am asking. I am asking for you to make it a bit fair when she is trading. because night now if she is up against anyone with cc. Which pretty much every champ in the game has except a few. ( Shyvana to name one. ) Fix this problem and actually do good to a champ instead of making op champs even more op. Although the poppy update is a great justice. You actually did something good. Unlike the disgusting juggernaut update. ( I mean seriously when did Darius ever need improving. Honestly riot. )
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