requirements for playing ranked games

I have a suggestion, that would improve low and mid elo ranked game ALOT. Make it so that people need at least 5 level 5 champions before they can join a ranked game. I'm sick and tired of people who only play 1 champion, which usually is a mainstream champ ({{champion:238}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:157}}) that gets banned in almost every game, resulting in thoes players ending up trolling the entire game or trowing it on purpose. I experience this scenario daily, and i doubt that i am the only one. If you dont have a better solution, then i think you should implement these requirements, i honestly believe that this would improve the ranked environment a whole lot. Right now the only requirements there is, is that you need a level 30 acc with 16+ champs, then you are good to go. You dont even need to know how those 16 champs works in order to play, heck you dont even need to know the diferrent roles in the game... A person who have never played moba before could literally just buy a level 30 acc with 16+ champs and then start playing ranked, with no knowledge of how the game works. What do you think of my proposal?
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