Protect the (melee) hypercarry comps?

The typical "protect the hypercarry" composition is well known. You get {{champion:117}} top, {{champion:20}} jungle, {{champion:40}} support and something like {{champion:96}} or {{champion:222}} as adc. When the teamfight starts, everyone bloodboils/shields/wildgrowths the adc and the resulting juggernaut steamrolls over everyone while being unkillable. The question is, why aren't variations with melee adcs or even ap autoattackers as popular? Someone like {{champion:11}} , {{champion:114}} or {{champion:24}} can dish out comparable amounts of damage (if not more) and 3-support comp removes their only weakness - necessity to facedive 5 people. Also, the midlaner in these compositions is usually some kind of assassin. Since you need the second damage threat on a team, why not use someone who can benefit from the bloodboil/shields too, in case the hypercarry dies? {{champion:10}} , "glass-cannon with nashors" {{champion:131}} (hardly viable in any other situation) or {{champion:268}} look like natural fits for these comps. Not only they provide the second threat factor, they also benefit from the support line and provide some extra protection for the first threat.
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