Morgana's LAME VU

So you made a Rework which is so pathetic the MAINS and i'm talking the real MAINERS of her are pretty fed up i mean you made {{champion:25}} Look like a sex toy selling for Vir{{champion:202}} Check your other Amazing Reworks like: {{champion:84}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:50}} and{{champion:5}}. now let's see these Old and New ones, First: {{champion:84}} i liked old Akali much more than the new one. Still a good rework and VU. {{champion:81}} and i don't even like Playing with Ezreal and even having him on my team {{champion:39}} i liked old Irelia much more than the new one. Still a good Rework and VU. {{champion:10}} i respect the KAYLE's Mainers too, since they liked old KAYLE its their WASTED TIME TO BE PLAYING with the new one, but beside her Sister, Her REWORK AND VU its a god dammit IMPROVEMENT. {{champion:20}} another amazing Rework and VU, before Nunu's Rework i didnt even had liked his old W and E, but after rework, it's pretty much fun to play with him. {{champion:50}} enough said. {{champion:5}} and now let's go to the Main Event "cough, cough Sex Toy"{{champion:25}} Not only that you Butchered her, we didn't ask you for this lame VU, we wanted her to have a new Passive and Her ultimate a little Change, but what do we get? it's this not only that, her ultimate got a 5% MS toward the Enemies she had Linked with her Chains ... wow Anyway, please for the love of RA, revert her back, we didn't ask you for her having a tail coming from her ASS, we didn't ask you to make her a SEX TOY for Vir{{champion:202}} and we clearly didn't ask for a ABOMINATION which you combined the leftovers from Xayah, Evelyn and RA knows what. I think i speak only for the real MAINERS of{{champion:25}} and not the ones who wants to beat a their meat once in a while on Rule 34, her Old Model was and will be far SUPERIOR to the new Sex Toy you gave us, WE HAVE to play 24/7 with a toy we didnt ask for and don't come at me with *You don't like it? you don't have to play with her or playing this game anymore|* that's already a state of mind in which we're all Biased, alright? on how much people likes to play{{champion:7}} and they cried about her to be REVERTED and guess what, you DID REVERT HER so they will be HAPPPY, we're asking the same thing about our Beloved{{champion:25}} Thanks in Advance.
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