U just created another mental champion for apes who literally cant even think with head I really cant remember last normal champion u made Seems like u really forgot how to make good champs with some mechanics Instead of making effort in making champion fun and interesting to play as,with and against it U just made champion that is not fun,that is broken,and anyone who plays it will be hated. U made champion with such a simple kit with no actual synergies or anything And on top of that broken kit u added stupidest passive ever As well as the most unbalanced and broken ultimate ability i ever saw. So Reeko reeko reeeee get shield for the channel,enemies dont see channel She becomes untargetable after that and deals SHIT TON dmg for no particular reason Plus she stuns for like more than 1 second And all that with small ass cooldown and 500 range ? Plus she can even walk to position her ult the best way possible. Also she slows enemies for 40% for the duration of channel Like whats the point of strategy in team fight When u can just be neeko and ult stun 5 enemies easily and ur team just finishes them off Really wtf I played ornn Got oneshotted by neeko when i had almost 3k hp As soon as i respawned i saw her ulting again. U are making more simple kits with each new champ Just add more dmg and thats it Just compare all the abilities with other abilities in game Compare her Q with Zyra q or jhin e or nami q Compare her w with lb passive with wukong w Her w passive with yi passive or lucian passive Her E with lux q... Her ult with ornn ult or Orianna ult ,Nunu ult Its just bunch of abilities from old champions put together and instead of adjusting her kit to be fun U just put some dmg here and there and broke champ completely
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