AP Shyvana

{{champion:102}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:102}} AP Shyvana's Flame breath is ridiculous right now. I get that the ability is thematic to her champion and Riot likes the idea of the 100% AP ratio (Dragon spits deadly fire sure sure) but i feel whilst the damage is insane the missile speed of the ability is being heavily negated by the HUGE radius on it. For an ability thats a good deal slower than Mystic Shot its still 10X harder a projectile to dodge because of its massive size. Initial contact alone (without the scorched earth) equals death or as close to makes no difference, as a projectile i just notice everyone struggling to avoid contact with it and i feel the radius, or damage needs to be adjusted. Even a small windup animation would be good just so players are aware "Hey take don't take this lightly i'm about to spit nuclear napalm on you!" I mean if we're sticking to thematics in terms of this being a signature ability taking a breathe makes sense but whatever id like it to be adjusted somehow.
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