Just a quick dumb question about ranks because I'm bored.

I've been unranked for pretty much the whole entire time I've played league of legends. (about 1 year and 5 months). I did jokingly get an iron IV rank at the very end of season 8 though. But that brings me to my dumb little question, why am I still mainly matched up with people who are of a higher than average rank? And it why does it still vary so often, the people in my matches go from iron players, to sudden masters ranked players. I've proposed this question many times before to the people in my lobby and the usual answer goes something like "It's because rank does not matter in normals". But to me this make no sense whatso ever, why would you ruin the gaming experience of an silver player by putting him up against a diamond 1 four man premade. And don't get me wrong it does not affect me in anyway, I've never felt like my opponents are too good at the game for me to handle, though I often meet people who definitely should not have been paired with the other people in the match. It is very possible that I am just a bit dumb for thinking this is strange, but it is a question that has been on my mind for an extremely long time. Getting an answer from someone who actually knows how the system works would be appriciated, though possible unconfirmed theories would be nice too.{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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