Newer/Reworked Champions Talk A LOT more, compared to Old Champions

{{champion:202}} Your passion, compels me. {{champion:25}} Im your Darkness, Im your truth. {{champion:81}} **"Gauntlet! You're embarrassing me in front of the bad guys!"** **SPECIALLY HIM OMG, he Spams sentences ALL the battle.** Just look ALL the Quotes: And lets not talk about Qiyana, she is literally a Flamer... I swear... xD Go Youtube, and hear what she says, Lmao. Anyway: Compare Ezreals Quotes, with my Main, for instance {{champion:26}} : Ezreal's are like literally x10 or so. **I just want to point out, the fact that some champions are given WAY WAY more "Personality" than others, because they talk A LOT more than others, and its pretty unfair. And the champions who talk more, are normally Newer or Reworked, and there should be a Balance.** This is an issue I havent seen someone talk about. Edit - Just look at this: Scroll down, all the sentences he says {{champion:202}} , so many. And pick any random Old (Not reworked) champion, and compare them. **And Im talking about "Public" things they say, so that every summoner hears it, not only the one who plays it. Like Ezreal, almost always, when he misses a Q.** Idk if Im explaining myself properly, I think yes.
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