New ranked system fears and possible issues?

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Lead Producer New001 returns with updates on the state of the game and the upcoming release of Clash, as well as plans to (finally) improve the new player experience, and some details on Ranked in 2019.
I hope im in the right boards. Anyway, aside from all the issues with LoL... How do you guys feel about the new ranked system that has been announced in the newest video of riot? tbh, I feel like there is gonna be 2 major flaws to the system (I hope not). 1) what if you play more than one role? So lets say you play mostly your primary role and very often some 2nd role. and you are good with both. So some games you feel like playing ur first role, but then you wanna switch, or decide the champs you play in that role are no longer effective, or whatever the reason might be. maybe you just switch for fun. according to the new system, you are gonna have 2 separate rating/divisions. which is kinda bad, because now climbing with your 2nd role isn't counting towards your 1st role, which what you intended to do in the first place. So if you switch mid-season, you are gonna have to start all over again. So you are gonna get stuck playing only one role. Who has the time to climb 2 or more separate ladders in solo queue? Maybe we can still be able to queue for 2 roles, and the lp you gain/lose will count towards these 2 roles? but again, normally, if you get your first role for example 80% of the time and climb high enough, maybe you wouldnt be as good in your 2nd role. 2) I think ranked will be a troll magnet. Some ppl, if not a lot (i kinda see this coming) are just gonna want (for fun or whatever reason) to choose a role, that they dont care about, and just troll for fun and treat the game is if they were playing a normal game. or if someone is autofilled, then they will be tempted to do whatever they please, since they wont care about their division in that role. And lets be honest, nobody wants, for example, a tryndamere support on their team. I know, I might be judging the system too early already. But at least the 1st point is discouraging me to continue playing, since I play jungle as primary and lately i played support. So what do you guys think?
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