No way out of Bronze even with Duo Queuing

By looking at the game's I've carried, I can confirm it's literally impossible to get out of bronze. On rare occasions I get outplayed and feed too but generally that dosen't happen unless I face Zed or Xin who I can't do anything about due to their insane damage. I rarely get a decent team, I got to bronze 3 promo games twice and lost, after that I have gotten feeders, afk and trolls A LOT. Stupid kids who flame and tilts you or just terrible players all around who never ward, goes solo and dies 2 minutes after each respawn. If a player dosen't feed and actually has decent stats it should never be Q with those that are terrible. Ever. This system is really broken. I don't belong with those players, I'm not arrogant or talking shit because if I was I would be feeding a lot and that I rarely do, as well as getting outplayed. I'm ready for the comments about it not being impoissble, that I am arrogant but they are irrelevant because they simply hold no argument.
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