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So ive noticed while checking online about my ranked games whilst in ranked games im being placed with bronze 4,3,2,1 im silver 5 so im not expecting gold in my team but surely in ranked you should be placed with your own rank? silver 5 = silver 5 4 or bronze 1 silver 4 = silver 3 4 5 silver 3 = silver 2 3 4 ect ive been bouncing in silver 5 for 3 weeks now winning 4 games to loosing 3 games i cant get out and its because of bronze 4 and 3 players most of the time. sometimes it will be down too silvers but mostly the new bronze players playing Gnar for the first time in top lane. Why are we having to stuggle to get out of low elo only to play with low elo and suffer longer rank ups? Anyone else agree? or think i should just man up and carry that shit to Gold
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