The Hypocrisy of League Players

*On Forums*: "Matchmaking is broken! WTF! Riot fix it!" *In Game* (Normal): "I'll bring my Plat I and Dia I "friends" into a game while I'm Bronze V for an easy win... *In Game* (Ranked): "I'll bring my Bronze I/Silver V-I "friend" into a game while I'm Bronze V so I can get an easier win and be boosted" *In Game* (Ranked): I'll bring my "friend" on a smurf account when he's Plat-Dia I-V when I'm Bronze V so that I can have an easier game and get boosted. See the problem? How can we have a healthy and balanced matchmaking system when everyone is trying to manipulate it in their favour? Downvote away... but just remember, its YOUR fault (The players) that this game is currently in the state its in, not Riot's. Riot cannot create a balanced matchmaking system because people would abuse it constantly with no consideration for other people. Riot might not tell you this to your face because "The Customer is always right" ect but I will. Its YOUR fault. Take some responsibility...
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