League of Legends is a game, where your personal skill doesnt matter at all

A lot of people have been quiting league lately, and league as a whole is loosing a lot of popularity it had. I myself, am thinking about quiting league, but i dont want to. i love the game, its very fun and entertianing. The thing i hate about the game is the players. Like im not even kidding, the things they do make me question human race. Like i would have to TRY harder then im trying to do good plays, to achive the level of trolling or bad plays i see. And that saddens me very much, that your own skill doesnt matter, doesnt change or affect the game to the fullest, and overall. YOU are not the reason your team wins or loses (or if you are, its super rarely the case). What decides games these days, is only, solely, and nothing else then Teamates. Nothing else, at all, decides wether you win or lose a game, no matter if its 0vs15 or 15vs0. You win, you lose, that decision is made by your teamates, not by you or your game performance. The thing that saddens me is how, league of legends is unfair. beause you cant carry people, its humanly impossible. You cant carry when a 0/10 one trick lee sin goes mid and feeds cassiopea 10kills, you cant carry when your draven adc says hehe xd, goes 0/8 then afks. Things like these arent carryable, they are deciding. These people make decision, if the 4 others on their team win or lose. They alone, have your game in their hands. Doesnt it make you feel bad? the fact that no matter what you do, one guy in your team decides the result of the match before it even starts...... it makes me very dissapointed in leauge. Me myself for example, i went from 1900MMR to 1400MMR in 2 weeks. 80% of games lost were the games i described in this text. Im not talking just me, all of my teamates expect the 1 guy who decided the game result, were good. They deserved a win. They played their lane well, made amazing plays. Only to be dragged down by 1 person who feels like making 4 people lose 15 games in row, is a good idea.
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