Qiyana story makes her look even worse

https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/qiyana/ So, not only Qiyana is confirmed to be a spoiled brat who thinks she is better than everyone and that she is always right, turns out that her "faction" is even older than Shurima and more advanced than Piltover. Why didn't the celestials pick THEM to fight the void and make super soldiers? or are these wakandans so advanced even the GODS can't see them? If so, where the hell were they when the war between Shurima and Icathia was happening? because that thing literally happened on their doorstep. Riot, i hope you'll reconsider the "they were there before shurima created their first sun disc" because this lore screws up everything you built so far

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