You are the first pick. What is your flexpick/safepick for your main roles?

Hello guys. i have decided to make a thread about picking strategy. In fact, one aspect of it: picking as a first pick. It is pretty uncomfortable position. you have no bans anymore, you have no information about the enemy team composition, you are vulnerable to counterpicks. So, you have to pick something flexible... and what is that for you? For me it is this guy (top lane) {{champion:36}} - he is always a threat even if he does not get fed since he scales with levels so well. he can either be the frontline aggro-magnet for teamfights forcing oponents to focus him (which is bloody inefficient) or an unkillable splitpusher that consistently drives oponents' attention from objectives. But what makes him a really safe pick in lane is the combination of his passive and Q. This guy is a ticket out of the most oppresive matchups. Even if the oponent has the power to totally wreck you, you can sit back, regen heath and farm with stupidly low CD Q. Oh, and in combination with the vampirism mastery, his cleavers sustain him hard as well. I love this champ

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