https://i.imgur.com/dmshcZK.png https://i.imgur.com/SWo0yAi.png SEE THE PATTERN RIOT GAMES. i have been playing for 6 years i have had 2 permabans over the years and im on my third account now. I Always enjoyed playing league of legends but ever since season 8 began i struggled to make progress into ranked. I climbed to gold 5 last season in flex (yes solo Q for me is too hard) this season though it seems like the trolls, inters, flamers are increased by at least 100 times. THIS IS NOT A POST OF ME COMPLAINING ABOUT UNFAIR BANS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. I DESERVED BANS AND IM ON A BETTER PATH NOW. NOW ITS THE TIME FOR OTHERS TO FOLLOW THE SAME PATH. **_I AM NOT ENJOYING YOU'RE GAME LIKE I USED TO ANYMORE RIOT GAMES_** i am certainly not the only one who is not enjoying the game as much as other seasons. It feels like i am cursed this season with a curse that gives you team mates who prefer to discuss who's mom got fcked last night and who is the biggest noob on earth than play as a team and win games. **I know there is a game i show you with me being 0-11 on {{champion:22}} but at that point i was thinking about making this post and my 4 team mates were flaming and raging so much that i mentally had no energy left to try my best**
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