Does anyone just find Runes unsatisfying?

I remember the time when we were promised (mid-development) that Runes Reforged would be there to help build new and unique play styles and in the end all they ended up doing is just increase the raw damage on our current playstyle. And if it's not raw damage that they bring, then it's basically just stat increases (Attack Speed, Cooldown Reduction, Movement Speed, Flat AD or AP, bonus Resistances and etc...) Whether it's from: * Basic Attacks (Press the Attack, Grasp of the Undying, Conqueror) * Abilities (Arcade Comet) * Both Basic Attacks and Abilities (Aery, Conqueror, Electrocute, Predator, Dark Harvest) * From application of Crowd Control (Aftershock) >*** ##Here's a list of Runes that offer Damage from all Rune Paths... PRECISION (5 Runes out of 13) * Tier 1 - Press The Attack, Conqueror * Tier 4 - Coup de Grace, Cut Down, Last Stand DOMINATION (8 Runes out of 14) * Tier 1 - Electrocute, Predator, Dark Harvest * Tier 2 - Cheap Shot, Sudden Impact * Tier 3 - Zombie Ward, Ghost Poro, Eyeball Collection SORCERY (6 Runes out of 12) * Tier 1 - Arcade Comet, Aery * Tier 3 - Absolute Focus * Tier 4 - Scorch, Waterwalking, Gathering Storm RESOLVE (4 Runes out of 12) * Tier 1 - Grasp of the Undying, Aftershock * Tier 2 - Demolish, Shield Bash INSPIRATION (2 Runes out of 12) * Tier 1 - Kleptomancy (Elixir of Sorcery) * Tier 3 - Minion Dematerializer
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