Vayne, Could you not? (Poll, please be Honest.)

Well... not much to say but wtf. nerf vayne as i'm sure everybody has said. And PLEASE for goodness sake remove the rageblade effect({{item:3124}}). From her espacially. normal game, i'm Pyke mid 13/10 in the end of the game, and i have 18K dmg. And then there is this... a vayne 33/8 that nobody can kill with 65K dmg. Quite literally double basic attacking everybody with full stacked rageblade ({{item:3124}}). This is unacceptable. I don't understand why champions like that are not nerfed. A nerf can be only for her end game too, nerf means to just fix her. I want a honest vote. Please ( Oh. Please no mindless hating, or aggressiveness. Just a calm and respective discussion.
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