Was the Darius Q buff REALLY necessary?

well, i don't mind it but also i don't aprove of it. i don't know what made riot think that Darius was missing "something" Most of the time , before the new patch hit, a lot Darius' in-game are brutal, unstoppable and barely killable but now, you can't even kill them, they rely on their Q to hit and it's frustrating during ganks when he heals a bunch of health just from one Q (even worse if it hits multiple champions at once) and then he just backs undertower and is untouchable. Now, i'm not saying that Riot should change it back ASAP or just lower the amount of heals he gets, but at the same time , i DO want at least some changes that would make him more balanced when it comes to 1v1 fights or just teamfight in general. idk about you guys, but what are your Opinions on Darius' Q buff? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
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