Ranked games, autofill.

Hi! Im angry and finding it really hard to write a proper text. Why would anyone force autofill to ranked games? There was those silly reasons about matchmaking being faster and match-ups being more fair or whatever. Seriously? There was already an option for people who prefer fast matchmaking over playing a role they actually can play. Im not that kind of guy. Average waiting time was about 5 mins earlier, but if that's what it takes to play my own lane, im fine with it. Now i have to wait 4 mins and after that i find myself playing support. Just great. Me for example, last time i played support about 3 years ago, few games. Im currently plat2 and playing a role i've never played, at this rank (not that good but i think you know what im talking about), is just wrong. I mean I don't even have **any** support champs. I could play Annie as a support but i don't think that's good at all. So is there any good reason to add this autofillcrap to ranked games?
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